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UI female students must accept ‘decent’ dress, management warns

The female students resident in a hall at the University of Ibadan must accept ‘decent’ dress code, the management of the hall has warned.

Queen Elizabeth II Hall is a residential hall for female undergraduate students of the premier University of Ibadan. It is located inside the school main campus and houses only female students across all levels.

In recent time, there have been issues between the students and the management of the hall over a decision recently made by the latter against the act of indecent dressing by the residents of the hall which according to report has been very alarming to the female porters of the hall. And to that effect, the hall management has come up with a notice that any student caught dressing indecently will be ejected from the hall after the students must have been warned.

The notice reads “It has come to the notice of Management that some Queenites dress indecently. This is to reiterate that the hall and University Management are against such act. Henceforth, any student caught indecently dressed will be warned after which such a student will be immediately ejected from the hall”.

In reaction to this new development, CAMPUS REPORTER gathered that some of the students residing in the hall have expressed dissatisfaction against the decision made by the hall management. There have been different kinds of demonstrations by some students in the hall to show their displeasure.

Alli Zainab, a 100 level student of the Department of Early Childhood Education and resident of Queens Hall made known said that the decision made by the hall management was surprising saying that the students staying in the hall are not kids and therefore should not be treated like one.

However, in an interview with CAMPUS REPORTER, a senior supervisor in the hall, Mrs Odu reiterated that the notice was brought out due to the ways students dress which she described as “irritating”

“I’m a female and a mother, if we can not correct them at this stage, then we don’t know where the world is heading to,” she said.

“A female students will dress putting on just a top without pants even when the top will only cover her bum a bit,” she added.

She further described an event whereby a male gardener was caught looking at a female student who was washing at the tap without putting on a pant. She said that the issue of students going out with clothes exposing their breasts was too much.

“This hostel is not for harlots and also not a place for nude. This is a place meant for students to reside and study,” she affirmed.

She claimed that students had been asked to pay fine on several occasions but refused to change, which was why the hall management came up with the new development saying that they could not afford to see any female student being raped as a result of indecent dressing.

In the same vein, she blamed parents for the act of indecency being displayed in the dressing of female students.

“Some students will even go extra mile insulting you, claiming that it’s their parents that bought it for them;” she said.

When asked if she was against indecent dressing only in Queen Elizabeth II hall or in the university campus as a whole, she responded that same thing applies to all other female halls as they have taken steps to that effect.

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