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UDUS Students Produce Hand Sanitisers

Four-hundred Level students of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, have developed potable and sizeable hand sanitisers to help ensure the safety of the students while on campus.

The development comes barely two weeks after the meeting held by the University Senate on Monday the 18th of January 2021 on the academic calendar, safety in reopening and other burning issues.

The management, in a press release jointly signed by the School Registrar and Secretary to the University council of the senate, had earlier urged the students to resume with adequate hand sanitisers for personal and academic community safety. The memo reads: “Each student is advised to come along with enough hand sanitisers that will permit him to sanitize his/her hands as regularly as possible.”

Acting accordingly, the current level four students of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences have manufactured hand sanitisers to ensure regular precautionary measures are established by the students inside and outside the campus.

The Class Representative of the Faculty, Muttaka Umar, disclosed the rationale behind the move to this reporter while responding to questions asked. Muntaka noted that it is very important for the pharmaceutical students to render their own contribution for the safety of the students at this critical time.

“So after the resumption, we [thought] it very important to give our own contribution to the students. We provided this hand sanitisers because it is one of the ways to prevent ourselves from COVID-19 and to ease the affairs of the students,” he said.

He confirmed the quality and the efficacy of the hand sanitisers, saying the procedures for production was gotten from the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

“In the course of production, we used [the] standard and recommended hand sanitiser formula of World Health Organization (WHO) to form aqueous hand sanitisers,” he noted.

Thrilled by the development, many students applauded the action by describing it as a good legacy worthy of emulation by other students.

AbdulQodir Abdulazeez, a 200 level student of Sociology Department who spoke with this reporter, praised the students, saying it is a nice innovation that can provide motivation for others.

“Firstly, I have to commend the efforts of pharmaceutical sciences students in such production. Sincerely speaking, this innovation serves as a motivation for the entire students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto in bringing new development to our prestigious University.”

He, therefore, advised the school management to support this innovation and urged the students to continue promoting the school with good ideas and innovations.

“Moreso, it is advisable for the management of the University to support these students at all cost and ensure that this hand sanitiser is purchased at cheaper rate by students, academic and non-academic staff of the university so as to enhance the further production. Also, I urge the students to continue contributing immensely to the growth and development of our institution. The sky will be their starting point,” he ended.

Also, AbdulGafar Ahmad Onikoko, a 100 level student of Medical Laboratory Science noted that the production is an act of encouragement to other students and a source of pride, not only for the university but the nation at large.

“Actually, to me, it is a great thing to ever thought of. No development started from something beyond this perhaps, what the country needs proud of at the moment. If people can stand and [think] of doing something like this, then, Nigeria can be promising. It is a very good idea that should be supported by everyone.”

Hammad also wants the students to incorporate what they are being taught into something developmental to society and wants the management of the university to facilitate and support this development at all costs.

“My advice to the student is that the moment they halt thinking of offering something, as little as it may be, to the society, then we’ve no effect on changing the future. While to the management I’ll say they should try and support causes like this even if it will be limitless advice and guidance.”

A 200 level student of Political Science, UDUS, Hussein Abdulbasit, said the production is immensely appreciated at this period of time.

“The efforts of these students are highly immeasurable. Over the course of time, what many government agencies (health-related) have not been doing, students who did that should be highly commended. All in all, it’s a good initiative. At this trying time, we need pharmaceutical initiatives like this.”

Like others, Sumaiya Umar, a 400level student of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UDUS implore the students, departments to utilize the opportunity in purchasing their own.

“Students from different Faculties and Departments are almost welcome to get theirs from our labs. Hence, the costs of purchasing it are minimised and a standard hand sanitiser is assured as WHO formulas were followed,” she said.

Management Reacts

In an exclusive conversation with this reporter through phone calls, the Dean of Students’ affairs, UDUS, Prof. Aminu Mode, expressed his delight as he said good innovations brought by any individual are highly welcome.

“The development is really commendable. We (the management) really appreciate whatever contribution anyone brings whether students or not,” he expressed.

Experts React

Reacting to the Development, an education expert, Olympus Adebanjo, one of the founders of HELP Foundation (an advocacy group for sustainable transformation of higher education in Nigeria and West Africa) said the development is a welcome one.

“That is a welcome development. I have always said that any type of education that is not translating into providing solutions is a waste. And sadly, education has been, largely, a wasted investment in Nigeria,” he said.

Also, Adebanjo appreciated the initiative and enjoined students to be more creative and innovative by translating their skills into something beneficial.

“This is why I seize the stage to appreciate the few students that defy the odds by arming themselves with knowledge and skills that are unfortunately absent in our education. Even if there are known formulas for local hand sanitisers here and there, it is important to encourage the drive to engage in productive entrepreneurship at an early stage. For me, it is a welcome development,” he noted.

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