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September 10, 2019: Has FUOYESU Learnt Its Lesson?

The memory of Tuesday, September 10, 2019, will forever remain in the heart of every student of Federal University Oye Ekiti. “The Black Tuesday,” as many will call it, was a day which students witnessed academic cum social higgledy-piggledy.  It was a calamitous day which brought the sailors of two students of the institution to the shore unannounced.

It was this disastrous incident that dared the school management to shut down the school indefinitely; students were told to stay off the school area, and, to crown it all, the school management wasted no time as they proscribed the union who many believe their reckless act triggered the saga.

While some, who claimed to have beamed their bright searchlight on the event and the “rumour mongers” were busy putting the blame on the various actors who were involved the incident, the political concerned among the students made the proscription of the union as their priority. The issue polarized their opinion. While many were lauding the decision of the school management for taking such sagacious step, students on the side refused to concur with the “pro-management students” as they came with the assertion that the decision is drastic and not the best way to ease the situation.

However, at that moment, what any compos mentis FUOYE student ought to have been thinking of is the loss of the two students of the institution, and also the closure of the school which destabilized the institution activities.

From my crystal ball, the protest was unnecessary, uncalled for and politically influenced. Aside from the fact that the protesters did not follow due process as various stakeholders were not informed, the purpose of the protest is untenable. What the so-called protesters said they were protesting for: “unstable power”, was on two days before the disastrous incidence.

It took no time for an intelligent student to fathom that the protest was politically influenced. The majority of the protesters were politicians who had their eyes on the slippery political cockpit of FUOYESU. Little wonder many of them took no time to “arm” themselves with the “Aluta weapon” on the day. This, in the protesters’ sight, will apparently rake in more supporters to their side.

Unfortunately, it is very crystal clear that the protest did not benefit the “hallelujah boys.” The proscription of the union was not only a loss to them, majority of them who had their eyes on the coming FUOYESU election were banned from contesting, the action also made them go moribund cum obsolete as many of them are now wallowing in the state of oblivion.

To move away from that side, while the school management deserves to be lauded for taking such a holistic step by suspending the association, they also deserve some accolades for bringing the school back on terra firma.

While many are now praising the school management for lifting the ban at the right time, and also giving them accolades for restricting the “office holders” from participating, we cannot say Eureka yet. There is still a lot that needs to be done.

First, as the association sails through the land of another election, the school management, through the office of the Dean of Students Affairs, should ensure that every aspirant is scrutinized thoroughly. Aspirants’ records in the department should be checked for attestation as biblically, “you cannot put new wine in an old bottle.” Candidates that have bad records, whether moral or academics should not be allowed to participate.

Secondly, the school management should ensure that they maintain absolute neutrality in the election. Students should be allowed to cast their votes for the candidates of their choice. They should let their votes count. It should also be noted that different eyes are on the umpires of the election. We should look back at the previous election, note the errors; make corrections so as to avert “stories that touch.”

On the side of the students, it is obvious that they are in a serious quandary now. They want to differentiate the weeds from the tares. They should be careful. Aspirants are now philosophers. They philosophize, pontificate and espouse their vision. These are all political gimmicks.

However, students should be admonished that among the candidates who have now made themselves students of Plato, only a few are sheep among them as many are just wolves dressing in the garments of sheep. They should check for the records of aspirants before they vote.

Furthermore, students should jettison the odoriferous habit of voting based on departmental cum faculty affiliation. They should vote for the candidates that will deliver.

In conclusion, to the aspirants who will make up the new FUOYESU executives, I congratulate you on the lifting of the ban. As you continue with your political gimmicks, you should all ruminate on this poser, although it might appear as a rhetorical question: “HAVE YOU LEARNT YOUR LESSON?”

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