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PLAY!YA, PTCIJ, Organise Webinar On Sports In Africa

PLAY!YA, in collaboration with the Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism, (PTCIJ), and HEDA Resource Centre, organised a one-day conference for journalists on Sports Governance Crisis and Sports Underdevelopment in Africa.


The online conference titled: “Sports Governance Crisis and Sports Underdevelopment in Africa,” was held on the 28th of September 2021. The event aimed to examine major structural problems in African sports that link to grassroots experiences and provide insight into national and international sports administration with broader social, political, and economic realities to better understand the challenges at hand. 

The organisers noted that the conference would provide an opportunity for sport practitioners, experts and sports lovers to analyse the complex inter-relations and birth recommendations for the development of the sector. The conference is a follow-up conference after the training workshop organised last year in Abuja on investigative reporting. 


The moderator of the session, Stephanie Adam Douglas, explained that the training was organised due to the gap in public discourse on the irregularities, corruption, gender inequality, betting, conflict of interest in the sports sector in Africa.


The panellists at the training included Roberts Kampe, Mrs Ruth Ajayi, Olukayode Thomas, Eze Alloysius.


Speaking at the event, Mr Lanre Suraj applauded PLAY!YA for bringing the innovative idea, noting that only good leadership can improve the sports sector in Africa.


While speaking with Jeremiah Oluferanmi, one of the attendees of the training, he noted that the event was excellent, stating that the training is needed at this time when the Africa sports sector is degrading.


“The campus journalists with area in sports writing and broadcasting can actually grasp and stand for the ethics of journalism. The reason for organising that training according to the organisers is for students and journalists to get themselves rejuvenated and enlightened again about the core of sport of journalism,” he explained.


He also noted that the training was brief but it managed to cover all necessary angles from the beginning up until the end.


Philip Muato expressed his gratitude to the organisers of the event, asserting that the training is needed at this time where sports is taking a new look and development across the globe.


He further noted that the reason for organising the webinar is to bring back the hope of athletes in every game, discover new talents, and also regain transparency at every level of sports. 


“Furthermore, I believe the training was organised to groom the young up and coming sports journalists like me by linking us up with those at the top flight already, and as well having such meeting often so we get to know how best to get and craft a good sporting story at any point in time,” he noted. 


He, however, explained that if he was to judge the training session, he would give the organisers 80% out of 100%.


Olusola Adebayo contended that the reason for organising the webinar is to seek opinions and establish the extent of the governance in sports, as well as to address the underdevelopment of the sector in Africa and to proffer immediate and long-term solutions to the problem.


He said: “The topic could be have been narrowed down, and deal with the specifics. The moderator tried her best but a sports journalist with a better knowledge of the topic could have made the session more revealing and probably get more from the resource persons. It is more of establishing the problem but less attention on the solution.”


Nasiru Ogirima indicated that the webinar was a good initiative and commended the panellists for doing justice to the topic of the discussion.


“Every panellist had good contributions. I will give it a 70 per cent just because I would have wanted it to go for a little bit more time so more important issues can be discussed,” he suggested.

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