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OAU Students’ Union President Impeached For Alleged Role In Violence

Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Representatives council, has impeached the President of the school’s Students’ Union, Ibukun Oyekan, for allegedly masterminding an attack on the students this week.

The impeachment, on Saturday, followed a motion by Comrade Joe, which got 37 “Yes” votes. There was no vote against the motion.

With the outcome of the vote, the Speaker, Temitope Falae, pronounced Mr. Oyekan impeached.

On November 1, a gang of hoodlums had reportedly attacked the SU building, with cutlasses, whips and amulets. In the wake of the attack, some student were left injured.

Mr. Oyekan was accused of masterminding the attack, what led to his impeachment today, Saturday.

“When we pursued those armed guys, they left in the Students’ Union bus and while on our way we met the President and one of the honourables from pharmacy”, said a student, Bin Zak.

“Truth be told, the students mobbed and beat him (the president) because it was obvious that he was not unconnected to the attack by the unidentified hoodlums who left in the union bus. He pretended to have fainted later on.”

The Chief Security Officer of the university, Babatunde Oyatokun, in a press release, said that it was not a cultist attack as purported by students but a clash between the President and members of the Left organization, a socialist ideological group .

“It’s a fight between SU president and the leftists,” Mr. Oyatokun said.

But the impeached president, Mr. Oyekan, denied connection with the November 1 attack, when this newspaper spoke with hi, He said he was receiving treatment at OAU Teaching Hospital.

“How can someone, who was attacked, attack another person?” He asked rhetorically to back up his denial.
He said his impeachment was invalid. “I use this medium to inform you all that the impeachment is not in tandem with the sacrosanct constitution of the union. The Parliament has 150 honourables and only 37 honourables voted for the impeachment of the president against zero. This is evident of their sinister plan and motive,” he said.

However, in a press release, the Clerk to the Parliament said: “It should be clearly noted that the President was impeached because he used the Students’ Union bus to convene cultists to campus on November 1st, 2017 to threaten the peace of Obafemi Awolowo University Community just to defend his Adolf Hitler manner. At this point in time permit me to clearly clear the general public that the President has been constitutional impeached according to Article V, Section 67 Subsection 1-2”

“Article V, S.67(1), observed that any officer of the Union shall cease to hold office if a motion for his removal is supported by two thirds of the member of the SRC present and voting at a meeting provided quorum is formed.”

“Permit me to relate to you that Parliamentarians present during voting were 51 and the the quorum is (50), 2/3 of the member of SRC of 51 should be 34 and 37 voted which make it more than valid.

“I implore the general public to see Mr. Edward Ibukun as a mere joker who likes to joke with the truth. I know Dr. IBK, as he his popularly called, would gather his boys to resist the truth but the fact remains that he has been constitutionally impeached.”

The speaker, Mr. Falae will now lead the Union in acting capacity, because the vice-president, Grace Jacob, who should have take over following Mr. Oyekan’s impeachment, is on impeachment.

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