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Nigerians Condemn ‘Cruel’ Soldiers Who Brutalise Citizens In Lagos

Posted: December 28, 2017 at 10:48 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nigerians have condemned the brutalisation of two citizens by the country’s soldiers at Ajah Market, Lagos.

CAMPUS REPORTER witnessed, recorded and reported the illegal act of the soldiers on Tuesday.

Apart from brutal physical assault, the two citizens were stripped of their clothes by the soldiers in yet another inhumane treatment and brutalisation of civilians by men of agents of the military.

From “detestable to “boorish”, Nigerians, following the report, condemned the soldiers for abusing citizens’ rights.

“It is the gun that they bear, it intoxicates whoever carries it. (without proper training and self control),” tweeted Oladimeji via @CitizenLadimeji.

Another twitter user, Adekunle Dalton-Oke said:”At this point, I do not worry much about the soldiers as much as I worry about the citizenry who stand,  watch,  record on smart devices and do everything else but stand up for civility, human dignity and respect. Nigeria is shot to pieces.  End of story “

Araba Kpura tweeting @kpurantashi while reacting said: “Those who called Nigeria zoo are not wrong after all!”

Another twitter user, Beegeeagle blog said the recruits should be trained on anger management.

“All our defense and security forces recruits need to be trained on anger management.  This is too all-encompassing to be ignored any longer.  They all seemed to be trained to believe in some mythical over lordship re civilians,” tweeted the blog.

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