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My Experience With One-Unit Courses

In Nigerian universities, students suffer more to pass a one-unit course than a four-unit. They fervently read its provided material and drill over every line. It is common that outstanding students prepare beyond extreme just to pass a unit course. Some serious students spend sleepless nights clapping their hands for mosquitoes trying to suck their blood. The principle we learn and inherit says the simplicity of a course is not determined by the course unit.
The effort of some students is found in research. Most times, materials may not be released for the course, only course outlines. The time that is supposed to be spent reading would entirely be occupied by visiting the library, touring book shops and searching online stores.
Abubakar Abdulwaraz, a student of Lagos State University, LASU, narrated his experience as a new student offered a one-unit course.
‘’It’s indeed a sour experience doing my first year in the University. Being my first year, I met a coursemate that explained about our course units after we had our first lecture. He showed me how strong my ‘CGPA’ could be if I focused on four-unit courses. He didn’t mention a thing about the one-unit course, maybe because of its slim income.
“The first day that we received ‘Eco101,’ the lecturer was incredible. His introduction was awesomely presented. He advised us that we shouldn’t handle this course with levity hand simply because it’s one unit load. He gave us a course outline which we worked on. We indeed suffered a lot trying to develop our notes.”
Abubakar stopped, took a deep breath and continued.
‘’My mates who took the course lightly would soon blame themselves. The test has objective questions which we were about to jump in joy, but our joy turned upside down when we were instructed that the answers must be ticked with a piece of a broom. It means if one option is picked, it can’t be erased again.
“I thanked God because my struggle wasn’t in vain. The students who didn’t care to do research and in-depth reading narrowly passed while some failed and had to take the course the following year.”
No doubt that this kind of discussions recounts the memory of Nigerian graduates and educates fresh students on how to handle courses with low units. Nigerian Universities often have a unit course among the core courses, it is inescapable for students not to encounter one at least during their undergraduate study. We need to learn from Abubakar’s story that your neglected one-unit course may lead to trouble if proper care is not taken. It is right to face its stress now before it comes to stress you later.

This opinion story has been published on CAMPUS REPORTER with very minimal editing to preserve the original voice of the author. CAMPUS REPORTER does not bear any responsibility for the contents of this story, all views belong to the author.

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