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INTERVIEW: How I overcame sight problem to achieve success – LASU best student

Fuhad Ogunsanya was announced, last week, as the best graduating student during the convocation ceremony of Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State. To emerge a top-of-the-set graduate, he earned Mr Ogunsanya, 4.78 CGPA first class Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration. He overcame a threatening sight problem, undergoing two surgeries.

In this interview with, CAMPUS REPORTER’s Kabir Adejumo, Mr Ogunsanya, narrated the story behind his success.


CR: Despite sight challenge as you stated during convocation ceremony, how did you manage to achieve this feat?

Ogunsanya: I was just determined to make a name for myself. I knew I had nobody and nothing to fall back on, so I just had to keep myself well focused.

CR: How did you overcome the sight challenge?

Ogunsanya: We visited several hospitals. the first surgery was unsuccessful. I got referred to UCH later in 2011 and, after some months, another surgery was carried out and it was a success.

Fuhad Ogunsanya (LASU Best Graduating Student)

CR: What decisions did you make back then on campus that if given the opportunity now, you would make a major change or improve upon?

Ogunsanya: In my second year, I volunteered as a tutorial master for some students, which I did until my final year. I believe that if given a favourable or enabling environment, I would make a substantial influence in the life of fellow young ones.

CR: What changes do you think can be effected in LASU that would bolster the productivity of students academically?

Ogunsanya: Firstly, kudos to His Excellency Governor Akinwunmi Ambode for approving the amendment of the Law that established LASU to make the school a residential campus. The institution not being a residential has affected so many students because the majority are coming from far distances. I believe that when this amendment has been fully executed and the school becomes fully residential, it would significantly increase the productivity of many students. Secondly, there is a need for tremendous support by both private sector and the government to create an enabling environment and invest heavily in LASU’s research and development work. By this, many students would get involved in productive research works and proposals.

CR: What can you say about the effectiveness and efficiency of Nigeria’s education curriculum?

Ogunsanya: Nigeria’s education curriculum has served as a foundation for several industries thriving presently. However, at this present time, there is a need for a tremendous upgrade in our curriculum. The gap between the town and the gown keeps getting wider every day, whereas, in an ideal situation the reverse should be the case. I want the government to invest massively and involve the key industry players across all sectors.

CR: Considering the fact that many people say the education system in Nigeria fails to prepare students for the labour market. Are you ready for the labour market?

Ogunsanya: Nigeria’s education system may have its flaws, however, there is a need for personal development too. I got engaged immediately we finished exams. I am currently an intern with one of the Big 4 consulting firms. So, I am in the labour market already.

CR: As the best graduating student, there will be quite a number of opportunities open to you at the moment. Could you share some of them and what the next steps are for you?

Ogunsanya: I currently have the opportunity of proceeding for my Master’s degree overseas. Also, I have the opportunity of being retained by my current employer. In addition, I have the opportunity of automatic employment in my school, amongst many others. However, the next step is taking is to proceed with my Master’s degree almost immediately.

CR: What advice do you have for others who desire to attain the same feat as yours?

Ogunsanya: Attaining this feat isn’t a day’s job, neither is it an easy ride. Whoever that aspires for this should be ready to pay the price. It requires a lot of courage, determination, persistence, and God’s grace.

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