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Ibasa-nla Youths Lament Over Poor Drainage Systems and More

The youths of the Ibasa-nla community of Oto-Awori LCDA have expressed discomfort over the poor condition of the drainage system of their environment, amongst other irregularities in the community.

In an interview with the youth leader, Mr Anthony Ogidiagba, he relayed that the community is facing a number of challenges ranging from poor drainage system to bad roads to an epileptic power supply, etc.

“We are currently facing a number of challenges such as bad roads, poor drainage system, etc, and it is really affecting us. For example, when it begins to rain heavily now, we have no good drainage system to channel water to the canal, our roads become waterlogged, making it difficult for cars to pass easily.”

The youths emphasised the need for the LCDA to help the critical conditions of the community as it cannot be fully handled by the residents of Ibasa-nla. The youth leader added that they have sent a number of complaint to the LCDA as regards the abysmal condition of their community and they have been no response so far. 

“We have made some complaints at the LCDA informing them of the poor state of our community, and we still await their response till now,” he said.

Despite the government’s negligence towards improving the state of the community, the youths have unanimously decided and took action with the aim of proffering solutions to their problems and in consequence build the future they want. The actions of ensuring the safety, cleanliness and healthy outlook of the community was a decision taken by youths of Ibasa-nla resolving to collectively work together.

As part of their first project, on Saturday the 2nd May 2020, they extended the abandoned drainage system at Jimoh Aiyeleru street, cleared all bushes in the surrounding area, ensuring the available gutters were flowing easily, etc.

They have also noted that they would continue to embark on other projects in the community if the LCDA decides to be irresponsive to their plight in the community.

According to the Youth Leader, other projects in the community in need of prompt attention includes street light and sand filling of the waterlogged roads which will be executed in the coming weeks.

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