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DSA Condemns Freshers Night And Orientation Activities

The Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH) Director of Students Affairs, Tpl. Oladayo Ibrahim has condemned the organisation of Freshers Night and other Orientation programs.

Speaking at the Students Union Government’s building while addressing all Heads of Class and Students Executives at an emergency meeting yesterday, the DSA disclosed that his attention was drawn to the several departmental association’s plans to conduct Freshers’ night for newly admitted students.

He strongly condemned the plans, noting that it is a breeding ground for cultists to recruit members.

“From our experience at the Student Affairs, when you have such an organisation, there is a motive behind it. We had to practically ask departments and schools to hand off students’ orientation activities because we realised that it is the breeding ground for cult boys to recruit new members over the years. That is why we have to suspend, last year, the departments and students’ associations from conducting such,” he said.

He further disclosed that some of them disguised themselves as tutors and leaders who the students can consult. But they are, according to him, “agents of darkness.”

The DSA, however, called on the Association Presidents to further address the new students at their respective classes for enlightenment and to differentiate the unsolicited people.

“Some will ask you to pay your school fees through them. Do not answer them- particularly the ND1 and HND1 Non-diplomats students. For the diplomats, they would have known the community. But for the ND1 students who are just coming in, they don’t know their right from the left. Those are the ones that are easily lured into their midst. That is why we want the association presidents who are in HND2 to go to the classes and speak with you so that you can differentiate the unsolicited people,” he added.

Meanwhile, the DSA called out the Students Union over the poor state of the SUG building facilities while also acknowledging the poor condition of classrooms.

“We have Students Union in school to complain about this place. We once came here to put everything in order. They told us all the fans are working and the lights have been fixed. Only for me to come here a few days ago and find out that it is still the same thing. We’ve heard about your classrooms. But be patient with the management as they are doing a lot to improve the situation of facilities and your classroom,” he stated.

Also raised at the meeting were issues of school fees and third-party increments, which were recently reported to have returned to normal, and the hike of transport fare within the campus. The Director labelled the initial increment as a necessary action while claiming that the institution’s school fees are the cheapest in Lagos.

“If it is not necessary, there won’t be an increase in school fees. We are parents and some of us have our children here. If you compare our school fees with others, ours is still the cheapest,” he claimed.

However, the DSA urged the students to disregard any third-party payment that is above 9000 Naira. There had been complaints that the third party reduction from 12,500 Naira to 9000 Naira is yet to reflect on the school portal. The DSA assured the students of rectification by the ICT Centre.

Also present at the meeting were the Assistant Director of Students Affairs (Ikorodu campus), Mr Fakunloju Ajose Olajuwon, Assistant Director of Students Affairs (Surulere campus), Mr Karim Arigbabu, Assistant Registrar Student Affairs, Mrs Olorire Adedeji, and Senior Executive Officer Student Affairs, Mrs Hendrick.

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