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Again, Student Writes Danfodiyo Management On Lanyard Use In UDUS

In a bid to aid the security architecture of the school and facilitate easy identification, the students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto continue in their quest for the approval of lanyard use from the management of the school.

In his recent letter dated 8th February 2021 and directed to the management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Taoheed Adegbite; 400-level student of Literature-In-English and a leading voice in the quest for lanyard use by students and lecturers across the university campuses has described his suggestion as a viable way of strengthening the security of the school, safeguarding student identity cards and creating a genuine Identity for bonafide students within the university environment. 

Speaking with our correspondent, Taoheed Adegbite explained further why he decided to write another letter this time, saying:

“I think this is my fifth year writing and advocating for use of Lanyard in UDUS. Like other new students admitted in 2016, I became worried [about] how an institution of learning with this topography and porosity of roads leading to the academic core of the university would be without strong identification to aid the security architecture of the school. Like we all know, knowing who is truly who in UDUS can be difficult, even for the security officials due to the ease of gaining entry to its environment by anyone from close or near. I’m confident that, with lanyard, there would be an ease of identification for security purposes as every bonafide student will be expected to have it around their neck with their ID card therein.”

Speaking, Taoheed expressed concerns on how student ID cards fade easily in their pockets or wallets even though it is produced once for a degree time.

He continued, “ID cards in UDUS are produced once, not yearly. As against the norm of ID cards easily fading away in pockets or wallets, this see-through lanyard will protect such. Have you ever seen students running fruitlessly around due to loss of ID cards on exam day? Lanyard has a way of safeguarding student’s ID cards from getting lost unnoticed. 

“Anyway, ‘lanyard’ is not an alien word as it’s already in use by students and lecturers in many tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Some call it ‘tag’. So, like it’s being used elsewhere, every faculty has [a] unique colour. And that’s left to our management to decide,” noted Taoheed.

However, he applauded the management on the latest infrastructural development on the campus, while also urging to see his call this time around as exigent, noting that approving the use of lanyards now will corroborate the essence of the infrastructural development occurring across the UDUS campus.

“I write on this quest for lanyard every year since 2016. You could remember sometimes last year, I led an online campaign by students of this university to press for it. I later supported this campaign with a letter to the Vice-Chancellor before COVID-19 break. But this time, it’s just a reminder. Students of the university want to know the progress of things and my promise to them necessitated this letter. While giving kudos to the management on the latest infrastructural development on the campus, especially the perimeter fencing, I think lanyard use in UDUS is exigent to corroborate what necessitated the perimeter fencing. And UDUS students will be glad to have their request considered in earnest,” he concluded.

This opinion story has been published on CAMPUS REPORTER with very minimal editing to preserve the original voice of the author. CAMPUS REPORTER does not bear any responsibility for the contents of this story, all views belong to the author.

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